Dua Imam-e-Zamana + Translation

Every day of our lives, we recite the Dua of Imam-e-Zamana. Every day, we ask Allah (SWT) to protect our Imam (AS). From a young age, our children have listened to this dua repeatedly and are able to memorize this dua. However, we don’t often stop to ponder what we are reciting in this dua, the translation of this dua. Though our kids can recite it, they don’t necessarily know what they are saying in this dua.

The birthday of our 12th Imam (AS) is the perfect time to fix that.

I’ve broken down this dua into smaller phrases with their translation. Download the phrases here! Each box has the Arabic text and the translation of the phrase.

As each person is cutting apart their flashcards, you can play the audio of this Dua or have them take turns reciting the Dua to prepare them for the activity.

IMG_9756 (3).png

After they are ready, have them arrange the cards in order on a sheet of paper. To avoid any issues with reading right-to-left vs. left-to-right, I would recommend going from top to bottom. I halved the paper and connected it length-wise so that there was no confusion. You can either have them glue/tape the Dua on the paper so that it stays for future re-readings, or you can skip that step, so that the activity can be reused later.

After the Dua is arranged, read through the English translation of the Dua and discuss what they understand of the Dua. What are we asking Allah (SWT) every day when we recite this Dua?

[Arabic text and translation from here]

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