Angel Fitrus and the Birthday of Imam Hussain (AS)

When Imam Hussain (AS) was born, angel Jibraeel went to Prophet Mohammed (SAW) and Imam Ali (AS) to congratulate them on the birth of the 3rd Imam (AS).

On his way, angel Jibraeel met the angel Fitrus, who had lost his wings and been banished to an island, punished by Allah (SWT). Angel Fitrus had been praying for the forgiveness of Allah (SWT) for several years, and asked if he could accompany angel Jibraeel to visit the Ahlul Bayt.

When the angels told Prophet Mohammed (SAW) about Fitrus’s story, the Prophet (SAW) told him to touch the body of Imam Hussain (AS). When Fitrus touched Imam Hussain (AS), Allah (SWT) forgave him and he instantly got his wings back.

From this, we can learn that when we ask Allah (SWT) for anything, our prayers are granted quickly when we ask with love for the Imams (AS) in our heart. When we ask Allah (SWT) for what we want, we should ask THROUGH our Imams (AS).



After the children listen to the above story, have them color in both wings, and then tape them to their back.

ACTIVITY #2:IMG_9378 (2)

  1. Discuss:

Angel Fitrus had been repenting to Allah (SWT) and asking for forgiveness for several years, but he had not been forgiven yet. When angel Fitrus touched the body of Imam Hussain (AS), he was forgiven immediately and got his wings back. Thatteaches us that when we ask Allah (SWT) for something through our Imams (AS), our prayers are answered more quickly.  

Sadly, we do not have direct access to our Imams (AS) at this time. However, one thing that we can do is by recite Salawat before and after our prayers. In the Salawat, we ask Allah to bless the Holy Prophet (SAW) and his family, including the Imams (AS). Whenever we ask Allah SWT for anything, we can give wings to our prayers by reciting the Salawat before and after our prayers, so that our prayers will be answered more quickly.

  1. Write a list of some prayers that you want to ask Allah (SWT).
  2. Color in the wings, and tape them to either side of the Dua paper while reciting the Salawat, to give wings to your Duas so that they can be answered more quickly.


[[story from, page 8.41 ; wings image from]]


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