Titles of Bibi Fatemah Zahra (SA)

With the upcoming Shahadat of Bibi Fatemah Zahra (SA), as well as her wiladat in a few weeks, I will be focusing my blog posts on honoring and remembering her for the next few weeks, inshaAllah!

First, I made a book, similar to one I made to remember Imam Ali (AS), to focus on certain characteristics of Bibi Fatemah Zahra (SA).

In this book, each page focuses on a different title of Bibi Fatemah Zahra (SA). We can use this to create discussions on the life of Bibi Fatemah Zahra (SA). There is space on each page to analyze why she was given each of these titles. There is also space to consider how we might try to apply these titles in our lives. We can learn from her example and try to emulate her in our lives. Obviously, no matter how hard we try, we will never be perfect and infallible. The goal with this is to have a discussion of what we can learn about her life from her titles, and how we can relate that to our lives.

IMG_7382 (2).png

For example, the title Umme Abiha is a very special one that allows us to examine the relationship that Bibi Fatemah Zahra (SA) had with her father, Prophet Mohammed (SAW). Of course, our fathers are not prophets, but we can still learn from her example.

DOWNLOAD BOOK HERE. You can either print each page out on its own page, or you can choose “booklet” to put 4 pages on each paper when you print out the PDF.

I hope this book generates some interesting discussions with your kids/students! What is your favorite of Bibi Fatemah (SA)’s titles? My favorite is the one I mentioned above, Umme Abiha. It is such a beautiful way to describe their relationship, and it definitely gives us all something to aspire to in our relationships with our parents.

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