Every Day Should be Like Ramadan!

“All too fast, the moon goes past, our month of blessings now has gone. But we’ll keep its spirit throughout the year, every day should be like Ramadan.” –Dawud Wharnsby, “We’ve Scanned the Sky”

The countdown for Eid has only a handful of days left. A handful of blessed nights.

IMG_2433 edited.jpg

The preparations for Eid are well-underway.

The excitement for Eid is growing, and our children are all anticipating the delicious treats of this day. And the presents too, of course.

Yet, even as we can’t help but look forward to Eid, we feel the sadness of leaving Ramadhan. The holy month of Ramadhan was filled with fasting, with prayers, with so many rewards for even our most basic actions. Pleasing Allah was of the utmost importance throughout this month, in our patience, in our generosity, in everything.

But as we return to our normal daily life, will we still remember to please Allah? Of the habits that we tried to form for the month of Ramadhan, which will stay with us?

Ramadhan is a spiritual boost – will we make that boost affect into the rest of our lives?

As we focus on these questions for ourselves, we can start a conversation with our kids about this as well.

What do we want to take from this Ramadhan and apply it to the rest of our lives? We don’t want to leave this blessed month empty-handed – what can we continue to do so that we can feel the spirit of Ramadhan throughout the year?

IMG_2424 edited

Here, you can download and have your kids create a checklist for what they want to make sure to continue into the following months. Create the checklist and make sure to keep it where it can be seen regularly as an important reminder in our day-to-day lives.

I hope you all have a very blessed Eid, filled with delicious food, wonderful family, and all sorts of fun!!


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