Happy Birthday to our Imams!

15th Shabaan. 13th Rajab. 15th Ramadhan.

All dates that have significance, in our minds and in the mind of a child that attends regular programs for the Birthdays of our Imams.

But what’s the birth date of our 8th Imam?

To be honest, I’d have to look it up.

I learned it at one point, in a Sunday School class, I’m sure, but it didn’t stick.

Here’s a way to help all the birthdays of the Imams stick in the brains of our children!

All you have to do is print out the files, which are available at the bottom of this post. You can enlist the help of your child to color the cake and the candles, but I decided to color mine myself!

If you wish, you can laminate your cake and candles.

IMG_9886 edited.jpg

Then cut out the pieces.

To put the pieces together, you can use Velcro or magnets if you’d like, but you can leave it loose as well.

On the birthday of each Imam, pull out the cake and candles, and mention which Imam’s birthday it is. The child will then have to find the candle that corresponds to the Imam, as well as all those that came before. Let’s use the 10th Imam as an example. The child would need to find the candle that has the name and birthdate, but because we are talking about the 10th Imam, he would also have to find the candles that correspond for the 1st through 9th Imams, so that we can put 10 candles on the cake!

IMG_9880 edited

Of course, you can adjust the activity according to the age of the child. If the kids are younger, you can just use the cake to get them excited (because who doesn’t love birthday cakes?!) and to expose them to dates. As they get older, you can use it in more ways.

I hope you love this idea and it leaves you feeling inspired! Please leave a comment telling me what you think. If you try this, please let me know how it goes!

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DOWNLOADS HERE:  Cake  Candles


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